Listing of MacOS Exploits

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Date Name Status Solution
2016-05-20Apple Quicktime - MOV File Parsing Memory Corruption VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2016-05-18MAction.public PublishedFix it
2016-05-04MAC check (CVE-2016-2107)PublishedFix it
2016-04-11Apple Intel HD 3000 Graphics Driver 10.0.0 Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2016-03-28Macro login.php POSTF_email SQLPublishedFix it
2016-03-24Mac/static_arp_list_action.php PublishedFix it
2016-03-24MacOS X / iOS Suid Binary Logic Error kernel code executionPublishedFix it
2016-03-21Macro Mail System 6 /share.php SQLPublishedFix it
2016-03-19Macro webmailgo.php xssPublishedFix it
2016-03-17MacAddr.php PublishedFix it
2016-03-07Machine.php a SQLPublishedFix it
2016-02-22Macintosh OS X .DS_Store PublishedFix it
2016-02-14Machine.php)PublishedFix it
2016-02-02MacOS X 10.11 Kernel IOAccelDisplayPipeUserClient2 Use-After-FreePublishedFix it
2016-02-02MacOS X 10.11 Kernel - IOAccelMemoryInfoUserClient Use-After-FreePublishedFix it
2016-01-25Macro/login.phpSQLPublishedFix it
2016-01-19Macro Mail LOGIN_USER_INCLUDE PublishedFix it
2015-12-09Multiple Apple Products libc File System Buffer Overflow PatchPublishedFix it
2015-11-25Mac OS X 10.x AirPort Wireless Driver Multiple Buffer Overflow VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2015-10-28Mac OS X 10.4.8 - ImageIO GIF Image Integer Overflow VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2015-10-25MacOS X 10.11 hardlink bomb cause resource exhaustion (Avast PoC)PublishedFix it
2015-10-24Safari User-Assisted Applescript Exec AttackPublishedFix it
2015-10-23MacOS X 10.11.1 FTS Deep structure of the file system Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2015-10-22Macromedia Flash Player 6.0.x Flash Cookie Predictable File Location WeaknessPublishedFix it
2015-10-05Apple Safari for OS X URI spoofingPublishedFix it
2015-10-01MacOSX 10.10.5 ftpd Resource Exhaustion (APPLE-SA-2015-09-30-3) *youtubePublishedFix it
2015-09-11Mac OS X < 10.7.5, 10.8.2, 10.9.5 10.10.2 - rootpipe PublishedFix it
2015-08-31Apple OS X Entitlements Rootpipe Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2015-08-29Apple Safari 5.1.7 (Last Version For Win) XSS Filter BypassPublishedFix it
2015-08-11Pineapple 2.3.0 Autopwn ScriptPublishedFix it
2015-07-24Apple OS X DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2015-06-09IOS 8.3 Mail App Allows Harvesting Apple IDs *youtubePublishedFix it
2015-05-22Apple's ECDHE-ECDSA SecureTransport bugPublishedFix it
2015-05-19Apple Safari Browser Vulnerable to URL Spoofing VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2015-05-01MacOS X 0day fontd buffer overflowPublishedFix it
2015-04-23Apple iOS 8.0 - 8.0.2 Controls Re Auth Bypass VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2015-04-14Mac OS X "Rootpipe" Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2015-04-10Mac OS X rootpipe Local Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2015-04-10MacOSX 10.10.2 Backdoor PoC exploit code for rootpipePublishedFix it
2015-02-24Apple OS X: Don't trust and don't prompt to trust certificatesPublishedFix it
2015-02-11Apple Libc wordexp(3) IssuePublishedFix it
2014-12-04Tnftp in MacOS X 10.10 & FreeBSD10 Remote Comand Execution ExploitPublishedFix it
2014-12-03Mac OS X IOKit Keyboard Driver Root Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2014-11-08MacOS X 10.9.5 NULL pointer dereferencePublishedFix it
2014-11-08MacOS X 10.9.5 Kernel heap-based buffer overflowPublishedFix it
2014-11-04Mac OS X Mavericks IOBluetoothHCIUserClient Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2014-10-29MacOS X 10.10 & FreeBSD10 ftp Remote Comand ExecutionPublishedFix it
2014-10-28Apple iOS 8.0.2 Denial Of ServicePublishedFix it
2014-10-20MacOS X 10.9 Hard Link Memory Corruption PoCPublishedFix it
2014-09-29Mac Gallery 1.5 - Arbitrary File DownloadPublishedFix it
2014-09-19Apple Foundation NSXMLParser XML eXternal Entity (XXE)PublishedFix it
2014-09-07Apple iOS 7.1.2 Merge Apps Service Local Bypass VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2014-07-08Apple iTunes 11.2.2 Insecure LibrariesPublishedFix it
2014-04-11Mac OS X Lion Kernel <= xnu-1699.32.7 except xnu-1699.24.8 NFS Mount - Privilege Escalation ExplPublishedFix it
2014-04-08MacOS X 10.9 Hard Link Memory CorruptionPublishedFix it
2014-04-04MacOSX 10.9.2/XNU HFS Multiple VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2014-03-14MacOSX Safari Firefox Kaspersky RegExp Remote/Local Denial of ServicePublishedFix it
2014-03-12Apple TV log file password disclosurePublishedFix it
2014-03-12Apple Facetime Information DisclosurePublishedFix it
2014-03-06Apple MacOSX 10.9.2 OpenSSL Verification SurprisesPublishedFix it
2014-02-28Mac OS Finder ACLPublishedFix it
2014-02-26Mac OS X(APPLE-SA-2014-02-25-1)PublishedFix it
2014-02-23Apple OS X 10.9.1 man-in-the-middle attackPublishedFix it
2014-02-20Mac OS XiOS 'IOReportHub'PublishedFix it
2013-11-12Another Apple Security Failure (Apple Mail on the iPhone)PublishedFix it
2013-11-08Apple MacOSX 10.9 Hard Link Memory CorruptionPublishedFix it
2013-11-07MacOS X 10.6.3 filesystem hfs Denial of Service VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2013-10-31Mac OS X OpenLDAP 'ldapsearch'(CVE-2013-5185)PublishedFix it
2013-10-31Mac OS X(CVE-2013-5181)PublishedFix it
2013-10-31Mac OS X (CVE-2013-5188)PublishedFix it
2013-10-16Apple iOS 7.0.2 SIM Lock Screen Display BypassPublishedFix it
2013-10-08Apple Motion 5.0.7 Integer OverflowPublishedFix it
2013-10-03Apple iOS 7 iPad2 Face-Time 1.0.2 Privacy VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2013-09-18Mac OS X(CVE-2013-1030)PublishedFix it
2013-09-16Mac OS X(CVE-2013-1031)PublishedFix it
2013-09-16Mac OS X 'IPSec Hybrid Auth' (CVE-2013-1028)PublishedFix it
2013-09-16MAC OS X ImageIO (CVE-2013-1026)PublishedFix it
2013-09-16Mac OS X PDF(CVE-2013-1025)PublishedFix it
2013-09-05Apple Safari Heap Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2013-08-29Mac OS X Sudo Password BypassPublishedFix it
2013-07-19Apple Quicktime 7 Invalid Atom Length Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2013-07-09Oracle Java Applet Preloader Click-2-Play Warning BypassPublishedFix it
2013-06-27Java Applet ProviderSkeleton Insecure Invoke MethodPublishedFix it
2013-06-19Macs CMS 0.3.0 - Unrestricted File Upload ExploitPublishedFix it
2013-06-18Apple and Wifi Hotspot Credentials Management VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2013-06-11Java Applet Driver Manager Privileged toString() Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2013-06-07Mac OS X XNU fill_pipeinfoPublishedFix it
2013-04-24Java Applet Reflection Type Confusion Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2013-04-11MacOSX 10.8.3 ftpd Resource Exhaustion *youtubePublishedFix it
2013-03-21Tokend (Apple, Gemalto) privacy leak & arbitrary file creationPublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X CVE-2013-0966PublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X CVE-2013-0973PublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X (2013-001)PublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X CVE-2013-0976PublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X CVE-2013-0970PublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X CVE-2013-0967PublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X CVE-2013-0971PublishedFix it
2013-03-19Mac OS X CVE-2013-0969PublishedFix it
2013-03-15Mac(CVE-2013-0095) (MS13-026)PublishedFix it
2013-02-07Machine Forum 2.0.x < 2.0.4 File Disclosure/Path TraversalPublishedFix it
2013-02-06Mac OS X NSSpellCheckerCheckStringfile:/// URIPublishedFix it
2013-01-30Apple Quick Time Player 7.7.3 (Windows) Out of Bound ReadPublishedFix it
2013-01-23Java Applet AverageRangeStatisticImpl Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2013-01-23Java Applet Method Handle Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2013-01-11Java Applet JMX Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-11-29Apple QuickTime 7.7.2 MIME Type Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2012-11-28Apple WGT Dictionnaire 1.3 Script Code InjectionPublishedFix it
2012-11-25Apple QuickTime 7.7.2 TeXML font-table Field Stack Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2012-11-20Apple QuickTime 7.7.2 targa image Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2012-11-16Apple Mac OS X DirectoryService Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-11-14Java Applet JAX-WS Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-10-26Apple QuickTime Player 7.7.2 CrashPublishedFix it
2012-10-24Apple QuickTime 7.7.2(1680.56) Division By ZeroPublishedFix it
2012-10-10Apple iOS Default SSH Password VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2012-09-28Apple Mac OS X Lion Arbitrary Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-09-28Java 7 Applet Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-09-10Apple QuickTime Invalid Public Movie Atom Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-09-10Apple Mac OS X libsecurity_cdsa_plugin Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-09-10Apple QuickTime sean Atom Size Parsing Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-09-10Apple QuickTime Player MP4A Uninitialized Pointer Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2012-06-24Apple iTunes M3U Playlist Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2011-11-15Apple iTunes 10.xPublishedFix it
2011-11-15Apple WebObjectsPublishedFix it
2011-11-11Apple iOS CFNetworkPublishedFix it
2011-11-11Apple iOSPublishedFix it
2011-11-11Apple iOS libinfoPublishedFix it
2011-11-10Apple OS X Sandbox Predefined Profiles BypassPublishedFix it
2011-11-10Apple iOS FreeTypePublishedFix it
2011-11-08Apple Mac OS X Mail MIMEPublishedFix it
2011-11-01Apple mailPublishedFix it
2011-10-28Apple Mac OS X FlashPixPublishedFix it
2011-10-28Apple QuickTimePublishedFix it
2011-10-28Apple QuickTime 7.7.1TKHD PublishedFix it
2011-10-28Apple QuickTime 7.7.1PublishedFix it
2011-10-27Apple Mac OS X CoreMedia H.264PublishedFix it
2011-10-27Apple iTunes CoreAudioPublishedFix it
2011-10-26Oracle Java Applet RhinoPublishedFix it
2011-10-17Apple Safari WebKit Private BrowsingCookiePublishedFix it
2011-10-17Apple Safari SSLPublishedFix it
2011-10-17Apple Safari file:// URLPublishedFix it
2011-10-17Apple Safari safari-extension:// URLPublishedFix it
2011-10-13Apple Mac OS X FlashPixCVE-2011-3222PublishedFix it
2011-09-29Mac OS X < 10.6.7 Kernel Panic ExploitPublishedFix it
2011-09-02Apple Mac OS X KeychainPublishedFix it
2011-08-16Real Networks RealPlayer CVE-2011-2946 ActiveXPublishedFix it
2011-08-16Real Networks RealPlayer(CVE-2011-2953) ActiveXPublishedFix it
2011-08-12Apple QuickTime PICTPublishedFix it
2011-07-29Apple Safari WebKit JavaScript PublishedFix it
2011-06-23Apple Mac OS X 10.6.8PublishedFix it
2010-06-03Mac OS X EvoCam web servers 3.6.6 and 3.6.7 remote buffer overflowPublishedFix it
2010-04-28MacOS X 10.6 hfs file system attack (Denial of Service) PoCPublishedFix it
2010-04-06Apple Mac OS X ImageIO Framework JPEG2000 Remote Code Execution VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2010-03-17Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.3.13 (zip-notify) Remote Kernel Overflow PoCPublishedFix it
2009-05-20Mac OS X Java applet Remote Deserialization Remote PoC (updated)PublishedFix it
2009-03-23Mac OS X xnu <=1228.x (vfssysctl) Local Kernel DoS PoCPublishedFix it
2009-03-23Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.x (hfs-fcntl) Local Kernel Root ExploitPublishedFix it
2009-03-23Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.3.13 (zip-notify) Remote Kernel Overflow PoCPublishedFix it
2009-03-23Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.3.13 (macfsstat) Local Kernel Memory Leak/DoSPublishedFix it
2009-03-23Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.3.13 (profil) Kernel Memory Leak/DoS PoCPublishedFix it
2008-06-12SNMPv3 HMAC validation error Remote Authentication Bypass ExploitPublishedFix it
2008-02-26Apple Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.3.13 ipv6-ipcomp Remote kernel DoS PoCPublishedFix it
2007-12-19Apple Mac OS X mount_smbfs Stack Based Buffer Overflow ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-12-12Apple Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.0 super_blob Local kernel Denial of Service PoCPublishedFix it
2007-12-12Apple Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.0 Local kernel Denial of Service PoCPublishedFix it
2007-12-04Apple Mac OS X xnu <= 1228.0 mach-o Local Kernel Denial of Service PoCPublishedFix it
2007-12-04Apple Mac OS X 10.5.0 (leopard) vpnd Remote Denial of Service PoCPublishedFix it
2007-11-16Apple Mac OS X 10.4.x Kernel i386_set_ldt() Integer Overflow PoCPublishedFix it
2007-05-30Mac OS X < 2007-005 (vpnd) Local Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-05-25Mac OS X <= 10.4.8 pppd Plugin Loading Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-02-28McAfee VirusScan for Mac (Virex) <= 7.7 Local Root ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-01-29Mac OS X 10.4.8 (8L2127) crashdump Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-01-23Mac OS X 10.4.8 (UserNotificationCenter) Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-01-21Mac OS X 10.4.x Kernel shared_region_map_file_np() Memory CorruptionPublishedFix it
2007-01-21Mac OS X 10.4.8 System Preferences Local Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-01-18Mac OS X 10.4.8 SLP Daemon Service Registration Buffer Overflow PoCPublishedFix it
2007-01-14Mac OS X 10.4.8 AppleTalk ATPsndrsp() Heap Buffer Overflow PoCPublishedFix it
2007-01-09Mac OS X 10.4.8 Apple Finder DMG Volume Name Memory Corruption PoCPublishedFix it
2007-01-05Mac OS X 10.4.8 DiskManagement BOM Local Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2007-01-05Mac OS X 10.4.8 DiskManagement BOM (cron) Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2006-09-30Mac OS X <= 10.4.7 Mach Exception Handling Local Exploit (10.3.x 0day)PublishedFix it
2006-09-30Mac OS X <= 10.4.7 Mach Exception Handling Local Root ExploitPublishedFix it
2006-08-02Mac OS X <= 10.3.8 (CF_CHARSET_PATH) Local BOF Exploit (2)PublishedFix it
2006-08-01Mac OS X <= 10.4.7 fetchmail Privilege Escalation Exploit (x86)PublishedFix it
2006-08-01Mac OS X <= 10.4.7 fetchmail Privilege Escalation Exploit (ppc)PublishedFix it
2006-08-01Mac OS X <= 10.4.7 fetchmail Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2006-07-01Mac OS X <= 10.4.6 (launchd) Local Format String Exploit (ppc)PublishedFix it
2006-06-28Mac OS X <= 10.4.6 (launchd) Local Format String Exploit (x86)PublishedFix it
2006-06-09Abusing Mach on Mac OS XPublishedFix it
2006-04-24Apple Mac OS X Safari <= 2.0.3 (417.9.2) Multiple Vulnerabilities PoCPublishedFix it
2006-04-24Apple Mac OS X Safari <= 2.0.3 (417.9.2) (ROWSPAN) DoS PoCPublishedFix it
2006-03-13Apple Mac OS X 10.4.5 (Real Name) Buffer Overflow ExploitPublishedFix it
2006-03-01Apple Mac OS X (/usr/bin/passwd) Custom Passwd Local Root ExploitPublishedFix it
2006-02-22Mac OS X Safari Browser (Safe File) Remote Code Execution ExploitPublishedFix it
2006-02-22Mac OS X 10.5.7 (.CHM File) Local Denial of Service ExploitPublishedFix it
2005-06-14Mac OS X 10.4 launchd Race Condition ExploitPublishedFix it
2005-03-22Mac OS X <= 10.3.8 (CF_CHARSET_PATH) Local Root Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2005-02-08Mac OS X AppleFileServer Remote Denial of Service ExploitPublishedFix it
2005-02-07Mac OS X Adobe Version Cue Local Root ExploitPublishedFix it
2005-02-07Mac OS X DS_Store Arbitrary File Overwrite ExploitPublishedFix it
2005-01-22Mac OS X <= 10.3.7 mRouter Local Privilege Escalation ExploitPublishedFix it
2005-01-20Mac OS X <= 10.3.7 Input Validation Flaw parse_machfile() DoSPublishedFix it
2004-08-13Mac OS X <= 10.3.3 AppleFileServer Remote Root Overflow ExploitPublishedFix it
2004-07-28Mac OS X Panther Internet Connect Local Root ExploitPublishedFix it
2003-04-18Mac OS X <= 10.2.4 DirectoryService (PATH) Local Root ExploitPublishedFix it

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